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An Introduction to the Oppo F19S Camera

An Introduction to the Oppo F19S Camera

The Oppo F19S is one of the latest models from the Oppo range and it comes in quite a number of variants. As far as the photography is concerned, the Oppo F19S on the front packs a trio of cameras with a total of 48-mp3 recorders; a single 16-bit digital camera, a single tone flash, and a dual camera setup with a single, high-resolution camera and an additional high-quality camera. At the back, there is a compartment for memory cards and there is also space to accommodate two USB drives. As for the aesthetics, this Oppo F19S looks like something out of the Future Lighting range but it is actually an exquisite piece of modern technology. This camera is definitely worth checking out.

The most important part of the Oppo F19S is its compact size which makes it easy to pack into your pocket and venture out with. The body of this Oppo F19S is made from ballistic nylon which is durable even under the harshest of circumstances. What’s more, there is a built-in lip for the front of the camera to ensure that your fingers do not rub up against the display screen or the key pad. There are no fingerprints to smudge even when you are in a bright sunlight. For all of these reasons, the Oppo F19S makes for a perfect camera to be taken anywhere and everywhere.

The Oppo F19S has got two screens. One is the usual LCD panel of 1.5 megapixels density and the other is the optical viewfinder which has a high-definition viewing ability of 20 million pixels. It is possible to shoot in either normal or portrait mode while the optical viewfinder of the F19S can be used for panoramic shots. The entire system can be fitted with either a USB cord or a MiniCD port for power and data storage. Oppo F19S

In terms of photo quality, the Oppo F19S outperforms the likes of the Kodak EASYSHARE ICM T1iW camera set at the same price. It also has a better lens for greater clarity at various distances. The main weakness of this compact camera set is its sheer bulkiness especially at the rear camera set. Though it is compact and elegant, it lacks the refinement of some other top-end models.

At face value, the Oppo F19S looks like a great buy considering the impressive photographic specs. However, it would be a shame if one found out to your dismay that this small camera is without redeeming features or even worse, that it fails to meet your expectations. For example, there is no flash control with the Oppo F19S despite its six gigabytes of internal memory. There is also no manual control over the shutter speed and aperture apart from the two-inch direct dial in the viewfinder. The flash settings are poorly labeled and the viewfinder itself is not very user-friendly.

A major shortcoming of the Oppo F19S is its relatively short battery life. At one time, it claimed to have a fifteen hour battery life. On the other hand, according to user reviews, the battery life of this camera lasts only five hours. This shortcoming is perhaps a result of the oversaturated display and not the camera’s lack of a technologically advanced mechanism. The two megapixel resolution, two zoom functions and six-color CMYK monitor are good points for this compact camera, however if you need something better, you will have to settle for the Oppo F19S instead.

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